Security In Cloud Computing

If you are here it’s because you’re interesting in security in cloud computing. Becoming knowledgeable about cloud computing and the various aspects of security involved with computing in the cloud will go a long way towards making you more knowledgeable regarding computer security in general and in helping you make good decisions when it comes to the cloud.

If you’re an employee working in the technical world then it’s important that you at least have a basic understanding of cloud security in order to perform your job responsibly. This knowledge will both increase your value to your current employer and will also enhance your job prospects in the computer industry as more data processing and data storage move towards the cloud.

There are a lot of topics to get into when it comes to securing your data and working in the cloud, and security in cloud computing will help you with feel comfortable with those topics. We’ll certainly cover some ideas in passing that you may wish to further research and we’ll try to point those out as we mention them (and provide resources for you) to give you the best possible experience we can.

According to wikipedia:

Correct security controls should be implemented according to asset, threat, and vulnerability risk assessment matrices.

While cloud security concerns can be grouped into any number of dimensions (Gartner names seven while the Cloud Security Alliance identifies fourteen areas of concern) these dimensions have been aggregated into three general areas: Security and Privacy, Compliance, and Legal or Contractual Issues.

All of these items are important to understand security in cloud computing and to be able to be confident in your own choices of provider for your cloud computing needs. Even if you decide to create your own private cloud these topics will be important for you to understand.